Accreditation of attendees

uptoYou integrates the functionality Accreditations for the check-in of the event (manage the accreditation of the guests and speed up the registration of the attendees).

uptoYou expand the capabilities of the app through this functionality that adapts to the needs of the organization and all kinds of events (medical congresses, conventions, business, …) facilitating the monitoring of the identity of each guest without paper lists.

Characteristics of the entry form:

  • Configuration of fully customizable entry registration options (titles, colors, content and funds).
  • Drop-down fields.
  • Integration of assistant lists and registration.
  • Management of entry codes (personal accreditations).
  • Visual control of the inscriptions and follow-up.
  • Synchronization of pre-registrations and lists in real time.

uptoYou provides you with an easy and convenient method to be able to accredit attendees through a functionality designed to provide maximum efficiency at check-in.

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