App Gamification

Interactive games, quiz and contests to get engagement.

The organization of a contest can be an action of marketing strategy in the organization, as an objective to improve the success of the business and spread the brand. With the “Contests” functionality of uptoYou sharing the scheme of a contest with participants is very easy:

  • Image: The app is fully customizable to the slogan or brand.
  • The rules of the contest: The Info functionality of the app may contain this and other pertinent information.
  • Input method: Decide how participants will join the contest (previous registration or anonymously).
  • Privacy: essential introduction of a Ticket entry, also available the option of entry by private code (PARTNER NUMBER…)
  • Prize: You can use your own products and/or services as a prize. The prizes will be notified to attendees through “push up” notifications on their mobile devices and will be managed by the organizers of the event.

In the case of conducting the contest live, the ranking of the contestants can be followed, in real time, on the screens of the room.

With uptoYou are all advantages, after the event you can extract all the necessary information and summarize the results thanks to our BIGDATA system that allows you to parameterize all the data for a detailed study.

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