With this functionality, uptoYou proposes an efficient and real-time data collection.

The choice among the numerous methods of data collection depends on the variables that are to be measured, the origin and the available resources. uptoYou proposes a simple and efficient system that adapts to diverse needs to obtain opinions data:

  • Queries: useful format to obtain information about needs, opinions or preferences.
  • Surveys: format to find out attitudes or behaviors of people before specific topics.
  • Probes: format for inquiries that are carried out to obtain a first panorama about a topic.

This functionality is an effective tool that offers the following advantages:

  • Simplicity of organization. Savings in costs and time.
  • Possibility of registration or anonymity of the participants.
  • Obtaining immediate results as opinions are produced.
  • Treatment of Big Data data.
  • Possibility of extracting statistics according to applied filters.

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