Evaluations, Tests and Exams

Proactive training with uptoYou ensures motivation and constant attention

Evaluations: It has been shown that in the formations in which the assistants can interact actively, their motivation is greater and, therefore, higher percentages of retention of knowledge are obtained than in traditional courses.

When the trainer should evaluate his students, several approaches may appear: What did we plan to learn from this assessment?, What are the relevant questions?, What results are expected?, How can they be measured?

The Evaluations functionality of uptoYou proposes a system of continuous evaluation through “quiz” or “immediate result test” questions that allow the trainer to know, at any time, the degree of assimilation of their temaries:

  • All the necessary questions, without limits, can be carried out.
  • You can configure the response time.
  • Limited participation to the identification of each participant.
  • Unlimited number of participants.
  • Reports of results.
  • The “Evaluations” functionality of uptoYou, for Interactive Training, is ideal for business congresses, training for sales channels, commercial networks, partners, training of collaborators and, also, selection of personnel for departments of RRSS .

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