How to make the most of your business with Digital Signage

Quick progress in technology has revolutionised our ways to communicate with one another, and has made it possible to provide content in a more segmented manner. Today we would like to define and present a system that makes your business screen profitable and boosts your sales: Digital Signage.

  What is Digital Signage?digitalsignage

Digital signage, also called dynamic signage, can be defined as “a means of communicating digital and interactive contents in stores and public places, via media players like display screens, advertising totems or tactile billboards”, so the white paper “Digital Signage: the fourth screen” by Interactive Advertising Bureau, Spain. For it to work well it should rely on dedicated hardware and software to play the media and manage the content, and also have access to Internet.

 “We all are attracted by screens. Marketing´s biggest challenge is to use this attraction with skill and creativity.” Kevin Roberts

The advantages of Digital Signage for restaurants

When it comes to deciding whether or not to incorporate a digital signage system to advertise your business, there are 4 key concepts to take into account.

1. Branding: digital signage is yet another cannel through which you can share your corporate values, your strengths, and whatever it is that makes you different from your comblogdigitalpetitors. By publishing contents carefully analysed to fit each moment, you will be able to communicate opinions and values which which you wish to be associated – like your passion for food, for instance.

2. Attention and integration: you will be able to capture your clients´ interests by offering them relevant and up-to-date content. It will allow you to schedule when your information gets displayed and update it according to your needs. Additionally, offline and online won´t be two divided worlds anymore, as you will interact with your client at your point of sale. By keeping your clients updates through your social networks you will motivate them to take part in them and thus increase your virtual community.

3. Stimulating sales: according to the conclusions drawn by IAB Spain in its 3rd Yearly Study of Digital Signage, 59% of people surveyed acknowledge that digital screens boost sales. Consequently, using digital signage will allow you to have your guests fall for your special dishes and to display the daily menu with pictures of the freshly done courses.
Implementing Digital Signage will improve your communication with your clients, making it constant, and will help positioning your restaurants in browsers. Increasing client communication flows will build loyalty and thus improve retention and satisfaction rates.

4. Lower costs: digital signage systems enable you to react in a more flexible way to the constantly changing needs of your business. It will allow you to generate up-to-date content throughout the day and thus save up the cost of traditional advertising signs.

What do we have to offer?

We offer you the possibility to make the most of your business´s signs by adding dynamic and constantly updated content thanks to a digital signage system. You will get client feedback, create engagement and boost sales. Cherry on the cake: we adapt the content to your corporate image.

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