Tips for creating a good campaign at Christmas

Approaches which is probably far more consumption year. These are days where the best promotion sales gains. The hospitality industry, retailers and other businesses, prepare their Christmas campaigns months in advance, prepare your best picture for the largest sale of the year.

But what is not usually valued, is that depending on the campaign to be conducted in seasons like Christmas, have their side effects during the year.
A good Christmas season can mean good or bad result for the rest of the year, it is, to seize the interest of customers to the best showcase for your products.

Tips for better campaign

First of all, it marked one goal:
1. What do we sell?
2. How and for whom we want to sell it?

Second, make an (innovative) different campaign.

This is not to teach your product is not performing the best, but, get interest to know your brand in the most simple and fun way.

More and more, and more diverse, online users. And increasingly purchases made through the Internet. In addition, according to the latest Mobile World Congress, 48% of those purchases are through mobile devices.

With these data, and considering that it foresees a 16% increase in online shopping, the business must be optimized in order to attract potential customers through the devices. Prepare your online channels to sell at Christmas can be a good source of income.

“The advertising and promotion alone will not sustain a bad product or a product that is not right for the times” Akio Morita

The third key is to have good communication with customers to analyze your needs:

Have good communication, you can help improve and evaluate your campaign or product. Offer the possibility to ask, assess, resolve and participate, they are perfect keys to customer loyalty.

The decor is not as important as before, if that’s true, that in many cases buying occurs in a mood and feel at ease in one place. But if we can replace the high cost of decorations, with a new and more economical thanks to showcase new technological devices, the result can be better.
Get the best element of your window are your customers, it is now possible. Only you need to look the perfect tool.
uptoYou is an app designed for this type of promotion. An innovative tool that manages to obtain all the necessary points to a campaign how are you necesita.Con as uptoYou interactive app, get a new and innovative image at a lower cost is possible. Learn more in the following entries in our blog.