Votes and Ratings

With this functionality, uptoYou involves attendees in decision making

Ratings: Do you want to know how the attendees of your event value a certain service, product or proposal? Would you like to have the opinion of others before making important decisions? Do you know how they value, the collaborators, the formations in which you invest?

With the Evaluations functionality of uptoYou it is very easy and convenient to organize a valuation. As easy as proposing a concept with different criteria to assess and obtain the scores and estimates of the participants in real time (very useful to assess projects, formations, characteristics, events, etc.). If you wish, you can also visualize and share the results obtained, instantly and through the screens of the events room, with graphics adapted to your needs.

uptoYou know that a valuation brings knowledge and that is why we have this functionality as a tool that can be strategic for your company because the encrypted information is essential to improve, adapt or redirect your efforts in order to optimize future investments.

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Votes and Ratings